Localizations for Bangladesh

I want to update VAT return as per Bangladesh Government VAT return template. How can i create it for Bangladesh?

You cannot. The developer controls all localizations. They currently exist for only 6 countries. There are none for Bangladesh.

Follow the link in this post

That thread contain some information on writing localisation. Post back here if you have any further questions and I and others will try and help.

@novica has recently added the localisation for North Macedonia https://github.com/Manager-io/Localizations.json/pull/3

To be clear, I meant that you cannot create a localization within the program. I was also concerned about @subrosumon’s reference to updating a VAT return. I wanted to point out that there is nothing within Manager for Bangladesh that can be updated. The only localization report named VAT Return is for Saudi Arabia.

I think you can create a localization within the program and then later decide if you want to share it to be available for other users. The two things are separate.

I agree that it not really clear what @subrosumon is trying to do. If your wish is to create a report that will look like this one: http://nbr.gov.bd/uploads/form/28.pdf and be able to print it out or export it in PDF/CSV/XML that is possible.

I can’t read Banglasdesh alphabet but the form has probably all the tax rates and accompanying transactions. @subrosumon if you have any specific questions ask.

How can i create localization report for VAT? it is very demandable requirement in Bangladesh. i will help if you advice how it can be created, and i will share to others.

Step 1: I suggest you start with a blank business. Create a new business, and then name it something like Bangladesh VAT template. Once you have that set up, create all the tax codes you have under your VAT law.

if i understand you advice to create a VAT return template first along with set up tax code- right? if yes how to link them with my accounts?

What do you mean by link them to your accounts?

Localisation in Manager can change most things in the settings tab.

To understand how localisation work create a test businesses for each country then load the localisation for that country into it.

Look at the accounts, tax codes and custom fields created for each country.

Enter a few test transactions, then look at the report transformations created.

To see how individual report transformations create the localisation report look at settings-> report transformation-> edit (or view then edit while debugging)

When you have done this then

When you have your localisation working how you think it should you can have it added to new Manager updates for everyone else by

A pull i have created

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