Localization india - Tax codes

Is there any link where i can get complete list of localization made for India. i was referring (Localizations | Manager) also checked Login

My doubt
I have Enabled localization for India (I am using Manager V 22.1.3) and i had few new options like GST and PAN for my business and Customers and Suppliers.
But Tax Codes are empty, should i create Tax Codes manually for each GST % with custom % or is there any way to use in-build for india.

As screenshot from Login

For new businesses, the localization will create all new tax codes from scratch and you will get all the tax codes from localization server.

However, if you import a localization for an existing business you will have to map your existing tax codes to the localization categories.

This is done intentionally so localizations doesn’t create a jerky transition in the least or in worst case mess up your historical tax records. This is especially true since setting up tax codes isn’t exactly a precise “rocket science” and it has more to do with specific business practices and processes.

So your short answer is:

If you have existing tax codes, you can just link them to the new reporting categories. If you don’t you will have to create the tax codes for yourself.


Sure, just do this:

  1. create a new business
  2. select india while you create the new business
  3. go to batch update the tax codes in the new business
  4. copy to clipboard and batch create in the new business.

Localization for india is not completed yet.
So until it is completed no tax codes will be seen in businesses.

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