"Loan Manager" like quickbooks

Do we have feature called “Loan Manager” allowing us to easily decompose each payment into the correct amounts of principal and interest payable. easy to set up; and easier to process monthly installment payments; and easily adjustable in the event that you miss a payment.


That’s interesting. So what you are saying, rather than manually splitting principal and interest each time, you would set up a loan account and Manager would do the splitting automatically?

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This does sound like a cool feature. To have this built into a business accounting package will be a huge point of difference. Good thought there mksundaram.

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a module for lending transactions. creating database for loans and savings deposits

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It is very importing for me also if you add Loan Module & Installment pay basis Sales Module. If you implement , it will be a good job.

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Yeah… something like that.

The component for lending transactions in my view does deviate from the intent of Manager Accounting in some way. I would like to see the emphasis on the Loan Manager aspect where the company / entity loan capital or resources and this loan account needs to be managed as described by mksundaram and

I can see the value of going the other way round as a lender though.

Hi… Anything on “Loan Manager” module ???