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Not sure if the heading describes question.
So before I used to go into sales invoices and right click at the top of the page and go open in new window and then I could copy the address and put it into excel power query so it would automatically down load all my invoices into a table in excel. I did the same with receipts. That seems to have gone but if I right click now I can generate a QR code and use that but it is not dynamic or something everytime I go to refresh a my query it says there is no such source.
Am I doing something wrong or can I not do what I used to do

There’s been a change in the URLs of the user interface. They’re no longer guessable. Moreover, you can no longer access the .json data for each tab directly from the UI.

As for the QR code, that’s just another browser feature that has nothing to do with Manager in particular. This is just the URL of the page encoded into QR format.

Oh shame , I did not know that I though it was part of manager. Is there a work around for not having the .jason thing? It was so handy for analysing the data with power queries

If you’re using Cloud or Server versions, you have the API.

Unfortunately I am not

Desktop too. See this post by lubos:

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Thanks but I dont really understand the “server edition” etc to get the API. Si I will wait for lubos to make it a wee bit simpler

It is simple enough. Desktop versions do not have a password that you need to use for API. So you need to follow the instructions in the link provided to @Lubos post so that you can set a password. After that this password and Administrator as username can be used when accessing the API.

This post describes the exact steps to follow: