Limited Supplier Account Access


I wonder if it’s possible to add, as a feature, a User whose access is limited to specific suppliers only in the Purchases tab. I’m aware about the current user limits and I plan to create a user whose only access is for the Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Debit Notes, and Goods Receipts tab. However, as far as i know, there’s no way for me to specify only which suppliers this user will see. In short, he’ll see all the transactions within the tabs specified to his user account.

It’s going to be like that on Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts where I can limit only which specific ‘Cash Accounts’ the user can see and use.

The reason I thought of this is because we’ve got suppliers calling in to check the status of their receivables from us and some are asking for the previous transactions they’ve had with us. It would be nice if I can just give them access to the transactions concerning their Supplier Accounts only.

Anyone else think this might be useful?

Apart from being not useful considering your use case, it is a bad idea in general to give your suppliers access to your business accounting software.

Well, they wouldn’t really have access to the whole system except those concerning their company and their access shall be limited to view only, so they shouldn’t be able to see other transactions we have with other suppliers.

You could create a pdf of the Supplier Statement daily, weekly, monthly or on some schedule and post the pdf to a shared file service such as Dropbox and give each supplier access to their statements

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If you believe this, consult someone qualified on IT security. You would be providing them with a key to front door. After that, you should assume any teenaged hacker could access anything in your records with modest effort.


For security reason you better create a specific web portal through APIs and a specific sync tool rather then giving direct access to your accounting system.

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Even better if the consultation portal is on a different server.

For security reason I would let the sync tool run on the same server of Manager and push clients data on a different server outside your infrastructure.

In this way the consultation portal cannot access in any way to Manager.

That’s a nice name for it… “Consultation Portal”

Since my client is a bit stingy when it comes spending for software and development, I’m inclined to just dump the generated PDFs to a shared cloud server as suggested by @Joe91

Thanks for the input! @Davide