Limit update to Issued Invoices. Allow other [View, Create, Update. Delete]

Hi Lubos,

Amazing product, but a simple quirk is causing us problems, easy fix / tweak I hope…?

I have a problem with maintaining issued invoices data integrity.

I cannot figure out how you stop ‘Limited Access’ users [Update/Deleting] Invoices Purchase /Sales once they have been issued to customers / suppliers? Turning off permitted actions to just [View/Create] causes problems with internal editing of customers/quotes/inventory/etc…

We need user to be able to [View, Create, Update, Delete] everything else e.g. Quotes, inventory, customers etc just not change $$$ invoices that have been issued outside of the business.


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improvements to user permissions is already promised by the developer.

you meant ‘edit’?

These are the the terms used in, for more infor see user setting guide Manager Cloud



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Well… the best method. Is internal workflow within your organisation and add custom field status of the invoice. Whenever your staff need to edit the invoice use clone button within edit screen of invoice to create a same invoice data except the automatic reference number for newly insert information. then change the status within custom field to user defined ‘null and void’ for the old one.

but the next issue is how to reverse the transaction of the old invoice… maybe journal entries or just reverse it out in old invoice by adding new lines. your call.

Umm. causes lots of weird issues with inventory, sales figures etc, yuk, clever idea but not standard accounting, very hard to decode what happened historically. Typically if an invoice is issued a credit note is used to reverse an incorrectly issued invoice. (e.g CR Note is an invoice with negative amount/qty) (Credit note - Wikipedia).

That is what you should do with Manager, too. I’m not sure who or what comment your last post was addressing.

Reading all your posts, you seem to simply be advocating for finer control of user permissions by individual tab. Is that right? In other words, a user could View and Update sales invoices, but only View quotes. One could do anything to sales orders but not Delete sales invoices.

If that’s what you mean, it’s been in the Ideas category for six months: Suggestion for improving user permissions.

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yeah credit note. My mind is not in clear at that point of time. was addressing your workflow. The invoice example is actually for cancellation, Either the Client refuse to pay, or the entire invoice item is wrongly entered and is already sent to client.

If it’s just changes in figure. yes Credit note as you correct my mistake.

While waiting for User Permission to be improve. You now have the option to embedded the workflow mechanism within custom field. Alternative in short.

Tut, You got it! :slight_smile:

A minor tweak to permissions will rectify problem with issued invoices data integrity.