Inventory Cost not desirable in my account

I am using Manager for Egg sales from our poultry. How can I eliminate Inventory cost in the expenses, because we don’t have any additional cost to procure the eggs apart from the feeds and other cost already captured!
Many thanks!

You can’t eliminate the account as it’s part of the inventory management process, however you can prevent it from showing by clicking Summary > Edit and ticking 0%20Summ%20Zero%20Bals

I really appreciate, Brucama…,I tried your suggestion, but the inventory cost still remain.
Is there a way I can clear it using suspense account or any other means?

Many thanks!

If the account balance is zero and you don’t have the option to exclude it under Edit on the Summary page, update your software. If it isn’t zero, you have entered expenses and should not be trying to exclude it.

Many Thanks.