Layout of Invoice in Dutch Language seems incorrect

I suddenly have an issue with the invoice layout in Dutch Language. The second column is suddenly too narrow. In English language I do not have this issue.

This looks like a custom theme. If so, you are responsible for its performance yourself. If it is not, what edition (desktop, server, cloud) and version number are you using?

It’s very strange.

It is a copy of the standard theme, where I have put in a footer with my own information. I have been using this theme for more than 6 months, but recently I encountered this issue.

I am using the cloud version.

Sometimes the default theme is changed because of other modifications to the program. This might occur even when no visible change to the output is obvious. But a custom theme adapted from an older default theme may no longer behave the same way.

See if the problem occurs with the built-in, Plain, theme. If it does not, you will need to edit your custom theme. When I view sales invoices in Dutch in the Plain theme, the problem does not appear.

It must be the column widths of the footer. Try nesting the table for the footer inside a <td colspan="99">, see how it works.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have checked, but the footer is inside a <td colspan="99">

I now notice that the issue is not there anymore. It sometimes pops up. Maybe it indeed has to do with other modifications in the program.