Feature request: overdue payment management automation

It would be nice to build in a system for handling of orders where payments are overdue.

Borrowing from the ‘late fee’-module of invoices, ‘recurring invoices’-module found in settings and email templates this could be set up like this:

  • The user can create and automate customizable email templates for the first and second payment reminders.
  • Like with the recurring invoices a message would appear on top within the invoices tab stating “ of payment reminders are ready to be sent away ”, waiting for user confirmation.
  • will display a table containing invoice number, client number, and email text to go with it. User can either batch select multiple to be sent out at once or view them one by one.
  • User can specify how many days after a invoice becomes overdue a reminder will be created (f.e. if the payment is due 30 days after the invoice date, the first reminder will be created 5 days after the due date (which is after 35 days), the 2nd reminder will be created 14 days after the first reminder is sent).
  • System will show for each invoice how many reminders have already been sent.
  • Users should react and choose to send out the reminders right AFTER importing the latest bank statements and handling paid invoices.
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