Manager Server version 17.4.52

@lubos I have succeeded open ManagerServer in a roundabout way…

How do I open other .manager file other than Manager Server Directory Folder? (I just followed the syntax inside Manager server on Shortcut Target Bracket in properties)

I just found out it can’t open, new format .manager file after 17.4.40. Template1.manager is before that.

Can’t open as in it says I get wrong password or something like that When I try to use the reset password. still can’t log in. lol.

In other words, .manager file backup after 17.4.40 are not compatible with 17.4.52 Manager Server. due to User function new interface of “restricted user” sub-action (Desktop), and Manager Server is yet to complete (still in old format before 17.4.40 but without configured parameters targeted .manager file.

how do you manage to download the 17.4.52 Server version. I just downloaded it and installed it with version 17.3.20

I just download desktop like I always do…

@success127, the only way to see the latest server edition is to look into installation folder of desktop edition. If you download server edition directly, you will still get an older version. The main reason is that I’m still trying to figure out some transition details as new server edition works quite different from previous version in relation to application data folder.

@lubos is a great app. We are looking for the user permission control function which is not included in current server edition 17.3.x which we have installed. Is it possible if we install your new 17.4.x version on premise and does it support the new user access control? Thanks.

xoojulian his working on it. as I said in my original post is incomplete. Don’t upgrade first if you ultimately rely on manager server.

Thanks @lubos for letting us know.