Just thought about assets

I thought I would be a smarty
I set up a custom field under fixed assets called" this years depreciation" and I showed it in column
Then I went and imported the fixed asset list (love the way we can do this now) into excel where I had set it up to calculate the depreciation automatically worked perfectly.
then I copied the data and pasted it into the import screen thinking it would just update the data ie the "This years depreciation"field
but it doesn’t
so my question to the developers is
Is there a way this could be done I know you all are extremely busy and I know it would not update the accumulated depreciation field but it would put it all on one screen and I would not have to have so many depreciation excel spreadsheets for every client for every year

Just a thought

You misunderstand how batch updating works. Read the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager. You cannot import the data into Excel because Excel cannot access the data. You must copy the data and paste it into the spreadsheet. Then update, then copy and paste back. I just did exactly what you complained doesn’t work, and it works perfectly.

I don’t know exactly what you did, but you implied that you thought you were importing data into a spreadsheet you had already set up with formulas to calculate depreciation. Even if you actually copied and pasted, that operation overwrote whatever might have been there previously. So what you pasted back was the same as what you copied.

The result would be no different if Excel could access Manager and import data. The act of importing would overwrite what you might have already there.

for a start we dont really export we basically copy and past the data so thats what I did into my excel spreadsheet.
and I thought maybe I could copy and past the data right back into manager in the same place as I copied it from which did work the part that didnt work was putting it in to the field This years depreciation.

I was relating my experience of what I had done and you commented and you admitted that you had no Idea what I had done
My mistake was saying imported instead of exported

To follow up on instructions contained both in the program and in the Guide, you cannot paste the modified spreadsheet back into “the same place” you copied from. There are two separate windows. Hopefully, you meant you pasted into the field below Instruction #3:

48 PM

I just verified for the second time that I can export the Fixed Assets register, complete with custom fields, to an Excel spreadsheet, modify the spreadsheet, and paste the modified spreadsheet back into Manager. Every change comes across, including changing a text field to a formula.

So I encourage you to make sure you are following the instructions exactly. If the problem persists, show some screen shots to illustrate it more completely. Based on what you’ve written, I cannot duplicate the behavior you describe.

Thats great I didn’t think about batch update what a shame it does not have the accumulated depreciation field amount
Then I could do my automatic calculations in excel it would save heaps of time and storing of excel workbooks.

just a thought can I do a custom field that = accumulated depreciation?

I must not understand your question. Why would want a custom field that equaled accumulated depreciation when accumulated depreciation is already there in the register?

When you use Batch Update, you are merely updating a list. Changing your custom field for current depreciation amount is no different than changing the description of the asset. But when you apply current depreciation, that’s a financial transaction that has to be posted to an expense account. Totally different process and, of course, double entry, where the balancing credit goes to a subsidiary ledger in a control account, Fixed assets. So it’s more complex than just changing a cell in a spreadsheet.

It would be awesome to be able to
copy the complete asset data from manager including accumulated dep, cost ,bookvalue and paste it in to excel where I have vba code to run the equation to calculate the depreciation on button click and then I copy it and paste it back in to manager even though the depreciation is a custom field it is still usefull to have it on the asset screen also I can just have the 1 excel workbook and just copy and paste the different clients assets in the one spreadsheet each time.
They said that for manager it would be hard to get manager to calculate the depreciation as there is many different scenarios so I thought this would be a way of doing it.

You can do that. Just check the box to show as a column when you define or edit the custom field. I don’t see what you would want that you don’t have when you export the fixed asset register.

yes but the batch update does not have accumulated dep amount and that is part of the calculation
the batch create does but it has a completely different set of headings

If I understood what you are trying to do correctly, you need to follow two steps:

  1. Batch Update to calculate and update your current depreciation custom field and load the changes back into Manager.

  2. Export the Fixed assets register, which will now show Name, Description, Current Depreciation (from your custom field update), Purchase Cost, Accumulated Depreciation, and Book Value.

Funny thats just what I just finished doing and it worked I just had to do it in 2 steps which is ok but at least it cuts down on saving a workbook for each client and each workbook has many sheets for each year

When I create a new company and go into Fixed assets the batch create is not there do I have to have at least 1 asset in there manually before it shows up?

Yes. You will also notice that until an asset is created, the automatic accounts don’t appear in your Summary.


My new system works great
I have custom fields in asset “depreciation %” and “This years depreciation”
I set up an excel spreadsheet with the depreciation calculation to be automatic by VBA
I copy the export assets and paste into my sheet(As the calculation is done on this data)
I copy batch update and paste that into the sheet this is the one that has auto calculated in the this years Depreciation
I copy this from excel to manager and bang all the data is there
all I have to do is copy and paste the this years depreciation from my custom field to the assets depreciation.
All the data is on their asset list this is much easier than what I was doing .
I know for any different depreciation calculation I have to do it with a different equation but its excel so easy.
One happy camper :rofl: