I just found a new way of doing depreciation thought I would share

I have a couple custom fields in fixed assets
Depreciation% where I put the Rate
Months where I put how many months asset has been owned
Depreciation Equation =((H2*D2)/12)*F2 which purchase cost X by rate and then divide it by 12 months and X by months.
Then I right click on fixed asset screen and send to excel then I just drag down the equation to give me the years depreciation. shame I can not just import the depreciation amounts to manager I still have to put them in by hand into each asset.


I think you can just retype of each asset depreciation amount as you tested one by one by following the computed amount… a bit of work but not tedious thought. unless there is a function of might available in excel to change it’s underlying text from formula to the computed calculation numerical numbers. it’s brilliant.

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got I coded it in vba and did a shortcut key from the keyboard so I can automate it shame we can not update with the depreciation amount with the date from excel to manager. I know lazy

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