Just some pointers about a few additions which would be great

As mentioned several times before, amazing software. Spreading like wild fire amongst my friends. Just though id give some input ideas in case you thought they were worth looking into.

  1. Employee codes (for when you introduce the payroll section so employee related expenses could be easily categorized and audited)
  2. It would be helpful to have sales invoice and supplier invoice sections to show customer and supplier codes with their names. This would help search using just the codes (which is currently not happening).
  3. The ability to move between sales/purchase invoice with the arrow keys on the keyboard for faster entry. Right now using the mouse for all that movement is really making things slow.
  4. When cloning supplier invoices, the dates are not cloned (instead the current date appears). it would be nice if the dates could also be cloned similar to the sales invoice.
  5. Having to enter the due date each time is a pain. Could it be possible to have the due date be set as the issue date as standard. then if the date needs to be diff, it could be entered and that wouldn’t add burden to the person having to enter a new date but will definitely lessen the burden for those who do not want to change the due date.
  6. The ability to sort data by headings. (such as Customer Name, Customer Code, Date, Amount etc)
  7. Ability to upload data (such as customer/supplier data, account entries, journal entries etc).
  8. Easier copy-paste flexibility in order to simply take data off excel in the required format and paste (as oppose to doing it one cell at a time).
  9. Even after a payment has been received/paid, it would be nice to know how many days it took to receive/pay that item to get a better idea of individual payback periods.

But again, the software even as it is now, is simply amazing!
Thanks for putting up such a great software for free!

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Thanks for the feedback.

  1. I think this suggestion is a bit premature at this point.
  2. Added to the latest version (14.4.28)
  3. Do you mean when entering new data such as invoice?
  4. Fixed in the latest version (14.4.28)
  5. This is on the roadmap
  6. Also on the roadmap
  7. Import of customers/suppliers has been already implemented - there is a Import button in top-right corner when creating new customer/supplier
  8. Not sure about this, I guess it’s somehow related to point 3?
  9. This could be handled by some report that could show “days in receivables” per customer so it would be easy to identify customers worthy credit. Is this what you mean?
  1. Yes, I do mean when entering new data. Basically, if I am entering lets say 10 line items and I’ve chosen all the relevant accounts in one go in order to make things faster and only have the figures left to add, then I have to enter the first figure in the “amount” cell and then use the mouse to click on the cell below since the arrow key wont take you down. I could use tab but that is just as tiresome as having to use the mouse. More flexibility with utilizing JUST the keyboard would be the key to making the whole process soo much more user friendly.

  2. Yes, I saw the import. What I meant was MASS import (instead of single customer entry). The ability to import entire customer/supplier data sets in a single go. My fault, shouldve been clearer about that.

  3. Point 3 is about the ability to move around easier. This is more about the invoice/journal entry format being more easily compatible with excel (since excel is a great way to create entries). For e.g.

i understand that fields such as “account” and “Item” wont be able to be so user friendly with the copy past feature since they are drop down lists, but, what about the other data entry points which aren’t. Such as, Description, Qty, Amount (or Debit & Credit in case of journal entry). It would be great if these items could be copied off from excel an entire column at a time and be pasted straight on to manager (ofcourse keeping in mind that enough rows have already been created in the invoice/journal entry to accommodate the data)

as for the things uve added and the others which are on their way. Just epic! thank you!

ok. I just realized that the import DOES allow mass import of details. Sorry. Though, could the customer code/supplier code option be added to it. Thats the only thing missing in it :slight_smile:

I am disappointed about change to Invoice Cloning Date.
When cloning “an old invoice” I want todays date or a future date. I don’t want invoices that have the same OLD DATE.

@aeebee1, why is cloning of Date field on purchase invoices important? I get it why it’s useful for sales invoices, not sure what is the use case on purchase invoices.

Well, we do a lot of procurement on a daily basis from multiple parties. If we create one invoice and then just clone it and change the supplier name and qty it makes it much quicker.

Any updates on the excel copy-paste flexibility AND the ability to move up & down using the arrow keys?

Ability to move up & down using arrow keys is on my todo-list. It’s part of improving overall performance of the grid if many line items are used.