Data Entry more keyboard & excel friendly

In order to make Journal Entries, Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices much quicker and less frustrating, it would be great if either;

a) the current data entry would allow data arrays to be copied in one go. e.g

b) or, if the previous suggestion doesn’t seem viable for some reason then perhaps the ability to import data (such as in importing inventory/customer/supplier data) could be utilized,e.g.;

In addition to either of the above suggestions, the ability to move about(between data fields in all direction) with the use of arrow keys would also make life much easier.

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I know many people may not support this suggestion, but I was just in the middle of setting up the desktop version of the software for my sister and took me over 2 hours to got 187 line items that I already had in Excel to be uploaded in form of a Journal Entry. Plus, the larger a journal entry gets the slower it becomes to keep adding to it.

So I hope you consider this as an addition.

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187 line items is huge. Editing transactions with so many line items is currently known performance issue which will be addressed in due course.

Importing line items is definitely a lot easier to implement than providing Excel-like user friendliness.

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