Journal Entries Drop down Account items to enhance

Hi @lubos ,

For Journal Entries there is a big different when we talk about the accounting pricipal in practice.

The management account will be audited by the auditor and every time there will be audit adjustment need to be recorded by Journal Entries and some times they use shortcut adjustment. Those adjustment including opening balance adjustment or any other adjustment given by the auditor must follow their Dr and Cr account description no matter it is Balance Sheet or P&L Items.

Hence my suggestion is that all the chart accounts items should be available for select in creating the Journal Entries. Including all the built in account by the system.

I don’t know how U can make it possible. But for other accounting system there is no problem to find all the chart account items when creating the Journal Entries.

My Idea come out after I fail to record the Journal from Auditor to record their adjustment.

Below is my Auditor Journal Entries:

Dr Fixed Assets -depreciation (Profit and Loss Statement Built in Account)
Cr Term Loan (Balance Sheet item)

That is not possible to modify the opening balance manually because it will contrary with the Basic Principal of accounting - Post adjusting entries after audit done.

Please prioritize this issue because this can be a major issue after audit done.

Thank @lubos for your concern.
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This is related to ability to set custom depreciation expense accounts.