Journal Entries

Does this software allow manual journal entries affecting the bank yet, or is this never going to happen?

I’m not the developer, but based on the logic of the software I can say it will never happen

It will never happen. Years ago, this was allowed, but that capability was removed in favor of the current bank and cash transactions tabs. The reason was to eliminate the need for novice users to figure out debits and credits. Manager does that for you now based on the context of the transaction.

There is no reason why a journal entry should allow bank account entries or adjustments. Spend Money and Receive Money functions, along with the flexibility of unlimited lines and allowing negative figures, provides enough flexibility to enter complex transactions.

In case you would like to enter a journal entry that illustrates the “whole transaction” such as a deposit paid on the acquisition of an asset along with its source of finance you can use a temporary account for the bank account components of the journal entry. Then you would allocate the bank account transaction to the temporary account as a contra to the journal entry.