Journals need changes

Is it possible for the guys to change the program so that the journal entries have access to ALL accounts on the chart of accounts?

I find it very limiting, when we use journal entries to create opening balances and end of year transactions to and from all of the accounts on the CofA not just a limited few which leaves out other essentials.

What entries are you talking about?

Journal entries are rarely need in Manager - you do not use journal entries to create opening balances

I have a credit card set up as a Bank account and at the end of the quarter I use journals to transfer the balance from the bank account to the Liability account (credit card) so my reports match the accountants work.
It is crazy that journals dont allow this kind of transfer.
How else can I do this? I can’t find a way to do this.

Your credit card should be set up as a bank account. Then you do inter account transfers. Read the Guide about how to set up credit cards.

I do have it set up as a bank account, as I said above.
However, the accountant has his account set as a liability and I need to be able to transfer the balance to the correct account.

Why are the journals limited to which accounts you can transfer to? I have never seen such limitations on ANY accounting program.

I’m sorry I was not clear enough. I read your statement, but wanted to be sure you had done this in the Bank Accounts tab. (Sometimes, users set up ordinary accounts labeled as bank accounts and think they are working with bank accounts as Manager uses that terminology.)

If you read the Guide,, you will see that you can also set up a credit card (that is a bank account) so it shows on the balance sheet as a liability account. So you will be able to match the accountant’s structure.

Because a huge proportion of users are relatively inexperienced at accounting, don’t fully understand debits and credits, and would have difficulty determining appropriate accounts to post to in many situations. So Manager’s design philosophy is to determine that from context to the maximum extent possible to minimize mistakes. When Manager is properly configured and used, journal entries are fairly rare. In the case you’ve described, they would be completely unnecessary.

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Hi, no accounting program is supposed to allow journals against a bank account. It is an audit nightmare. Go to receipts and payments tab, select new payment, select at bank, from your credit card, and allocate it to the loan account.

I agree with DebonAir about having access to the entire CofA when making certain adjustments.
Journal entries are certainly not THAT uncommon if adjusting or reversing a particular transaction.
You wouldn’t want to delete the transaction and lose track of what happened. But regardless of
the reason for the journal entry, blocking access to the CofA is not helping anything. And, this
program change is recent. I used to be able to access all entries in my CofA to make changes.

So I ask you, how can I accomplish this now? Or do I go back to an older version of Manager?

If you mean that you remember being able to post journal entry debits and credits to any account in your chart of accounts, your recollection is faulty. You have never been able to do that. In fact, in response to specific use cases raised by users, Manager probably allows posting to more accounts in journal entries now than at any prior time.

You will not be able to. Newer versions of Manager can update and read data files created by older versions. But once a business has been opened by a newer version, it cannot be used by an older version of the program.

I don’t think my memory is faulty but I did figure out the problem. Never had experienced this before,
but if you mark a customer account as INACTIVE the program treats it as if it virtually doesn’t exist.
So I switched it back ON and was able to see it’s history via journal entries. Thanks for responding.

BTW - I really like Manager. It’s been a very “no nonsense” program.

What did you expect to happen? The point of marking a subsidiary ledger (such as a customer, supplier, or inventory item) inactive is to remove it from lists so you don’t have to constantly scroll past it.

What are you referring to? You do not monitor the history of a customer by examining journal entries. And reactivating a formerly inactive customer does not add transactions referencing them back into the Journal Entries tab, because they were never removed.