Journal entries for making cash reserve

How can one make a cash reserve on Manager for an organization?

If the cash reserve will be created by opening a new bank account or term deposit for the reserve simply add the new cash reserve bank account as a new bank account and use Transfer Money button to record the transfer from the operating bank account to the cash reserve account.

thanks but what if the organisation does not maintain any bank accounts or purely runs on cash basis.
i would also like u to suggest ways to make adjustments such as additions to or drawings from cash reserve of an organisation.

Go to Cash Accounts to create a new cash account. Cash accounts function the same as a bank account for the recording of income and expenditure and tracking the cash account balance.

Note that you do need to have “Cash Accounts” enabled. To enable it, in version 14.3.2 (the current version of Manager), click on the “x tabs hidden” link at the bottom of the left-side tab menu, check “Cash Accounts”, and click the Update button.