Job Cards

Is there a way to create Job cards in Manager?

What’s your definition of job card? Ability to track profitability by job?

Please describe in detail what you mean by job cards, @clorik. Include information about the workflow you are trying to implement. There may be something equivalent in Manager under different terminology.

Oh hi @lubos and @Tut, thanks for getting to this early. We have a small IT consultancy and we have consultants going to clients to do specific tasks as per the customer requests. So if it is fixing a router, the job is given to a particular consultant who then logs the time they started and the time they finished the task for billing purposes.

Additionally, the job cards also serve for audit trails i.e. to track who worked on what task, when, was it completed etc.

You can set up jobs as tracking codes

See: Guides | Manager

Then you can use Billable Time module to track time to be billed which is integrated with tracking codes.



Yes, for example, we have provided service to customer for USD 100 , for that service we have incurred some cost of USD 75, we need to have a mechanism to map both sales minus the cost incurred for that particular job.

@chandramouli2714, this is an 8-year-old, obsolete topic. Use projects. See Create and use projects | Manager. I am closing this topic.