Item Quantity Field Question

By mistake I put the quantity into the unit price field and I put the price of the item into the unit quantity field on purchase invoice.

As you can never buy 5.97 quantities of an item or any fraction thereof, this is clearly a bug. The unit item field should only real numbers. I only noticed it a week later when adding the supplier invoice as attachment and there was a price discrepancy.

No, it is not. You can definitely buy and sell fractional quantities of inventory or non-inventory items, and have always been able to do so. Many items are priced and counted by a unit of measure larger than typical quantities purchased or sold. Examples include electrical wire priced by the meter but sold in centimeter lengths. Or fuel oil priced by the ton but delivered in fractional ton quantities. Or services priced at hourly rates, but invoiced in fractions of an hour.

I didn’t realise the field was being used for billing rates and I can see the point about units of measurements. As this is the first time that I mistakenly put the amounts and unit quantity in the wrong fields, it’s not a problem and unlikely to happen again. Just thought it might be a bug because I deal with inventory like 2 mobile phones - you can’t get 2.3 mobile phones kind of thing.