Italics not supported while using built-in PDF generator


Can somebody help me out? While using the built-in PDF generator from it seems it doesn’t support printing Italics like this sample text :wink::
Also I found a previous post ( but no real solution.

What do I use? Within the code I make use of the basic HTML code, namely and . Both are working within the application, so bold and italics, but once processed by the built-in PDF generator only the bold text is displayed and the italics text is normal.

I really don’t want to use another PDF generator, while I work/process everything possible out of

I hope somebody can help me out.

Thanks in advance,

You are correct. The built-in PDF generator does not support italic font styles. It will, however, support font size and bold font style. This may be because some of the 70-plus languages Manager is translated into do not have italic versions for their alphabets. The PDF generator must accommodate all those languages. That is the reason it substitutes the Noto Sans font. So your only solution is a PDF generator that is part of your operating system’s print utilities or a 3rd-party PDF generator.

I can confirm Manager Version 20.9.12 PDF Generator still does not support Italics. Is this fixable in Manager or simply out of scope?
Staff using italics in quotes to emphasis a point found clients reporting no italics found in documents sent. Print is fine but PDFs are not. A work around adopted by us is to print to file as a PDF and that works OK after suppressing printing of Headers and footers permanently in the browser.
Hope the functionality becomes built-in one day.