Development Idea: Bundling a 3rd party pdf generator with Manager

The internal pdf generator has it problems, and just to show, here is a pdf that i generated using the PDF button,

and here is a pdf that was generated by PrimoPDF software by clicking the Print Button.

@lubos has said that improving the internal pdf generator is the only solution

but what if i were to suggest bundling PrimoPDF with Manager

please see if it is feasible.

PrimoPDF would use the font selected in Internet Explorer, (in my case Roboto)
and the pdf generation would be exactly WYSIWYG.

just an afterthought:: using PrimoPDF would mean the PDFs generated may lack certain unicode characters (eg currency symbols) if the user hasnt changed the default font in Internet Explorer. so i think that it is best to continue improving the internal PDF generator.

bundling another software is not feasible. it will increase the file download size.
personally i think the internal pdf generator does a better job.

I have to concur with the OP. The internal PDF Generator is not working properly and I actually use a PDF Printer program to create my PDF’s as the PDF does not look as nice using the internal PDF Program. Having said that, I think the internal PDF Generator should be fixed as this would be a better solution, security wise, program size wise and for troubleshooting purposes.

Just a thought - I actually think that having the “We declare that this invoice …” actually looks better at the bottom of the page rather than right underneath the invoice. It looks untidy and squashed straight underneath the invoice. Just my thoughts.


How are you doing this - using “Print” and “Save as PDF” ?

can you please explain in what ways the internal pdf generator is not working properly? just to know the limits of customization or improvement i can make with the custom themes.
i use a heavily modified custom theme and never had a line misaligned. of course i did not customize the fonts and so on. but the internal pdf generator is doing what it is supposed to do. it supports everything Manager supports. and it does not support things Manager does not.

Yes. I have PDF Printer software that shows up as a virtual printer - so I “print” to this virtual printer"

@sharpdrivetek - read this post - Print Bug

In short, the internal PDF Generator changes the colour and size of the fonts and I prefer the look of the external PDF Printers (I tried two programs)