Issues installing manager

I still would love some kind person to let me know if they have a March 2016 version of Manager.msi but I seem to now have an issue installing the current version - please refer attached



I’m pretty sure this is not the latest version. Uninstall this version and install the latest from That should fix the issue.

Thank you so much Lubos. . . you are correct. . . just downloaded the version as suggested and it installed fine. . . HOWEVER. . . I have a serious issue wherein I have been doing the following:

When I raise and invoice, I have been changing the account code from a sales account to prepaid income. The customer has then paid a deposit and I debit prepaid income for the amount and credit deposits received. When the balance is received, I do the same. Once I supply the goods I journal the deposits received to sales etc. What has happened is that all the entries where I changed the sales account to prepaid income have now gone to suspense and everything is an absolute mess. This system, whilst cumbersome, worked fine for me. This happened when I changed from version 16.3.something to the latest version. Could I please have access to version 16.3.something so that I don’t have to redo 2 and a half years books. . . .

thanks eric

When I rec

@Jaghire, please do not duplicate questions on the forum, as it only reduces the chance of obtaining a useful answer. Your last post was unrelated to your installation problem and duplicates your question here:

Thanks Tut. . . comment taken . . I’ve just been panicking

Don’t panic. One thing Manager does not do is lose information. When things are incorrect, they get transferred to Suspense so you can fix them. There is even a Guide on that:

In your earlier version it wasn’t compulsory to enter Customer names whereas in the later versions it is, so any invoices without customers will now end up in Suspense. You can check that by clicking on the Suspense account balance and then click edit for a transaction - if the Customer is blank enter a customer and this should remove it from the suspense account

If you don’t have Customer details for each transaction - create a Customer called Old Edition and use that. As stated above, the data is not lost - it just been re-allocated to Suspense until it has corrections

If other transactions besides Sales Invoices are affected, adapt the above solution to suit