Issue with Currency Conversion


i have a customer paying in USD, and my bank account is in PKR currency, I have make the customer account to USD, as make the sale invoice in USD, as shown below.

And my bank account is in PKR, and i also have added the exchange rate for pkr to usd.

On summary, “Account Receivables” shows the correct amount after changing USD to pkr, as my base currency is in PKR.

I have an issue with the paying the account receivable to the bank account. When i goto receive money using sale invoice, then it gives the USD amount to PKR without converting the amount.

When you go to the Receive Money enter the PKR amount under “unit” and the USD amount at “optional”. Exchange rates don’t apply to Receive Money transactions as you are entering both currency amounts so there is no conversion to occur.

but is it not possible or easier to have the currency converted automatically?
because both the invoice value and conversion value are already in the Manager records.

it must seems to be done automatically, but all manual to do

With a Receive Money there isn’t a currency conversion as such occurring as you have two actual currency figures. You only have a currency conversion happening when there is only one actual currency figure and you have to estimate the other currency figure.