Issue with copy to clipboard

when using the copy to clipboard, the positive numbers get formatted as number in excel but the negative ones get formatted as general and cant be changed.This is creating problems as the amount columns are not equal.

Please solve the issue


Can you give an example with screenshots?

I am not facing an issue, both Excel and Libre Office show the positive and negative numbers in a standard way.

Can’t be changed where? In your spreadsheet? That sounds like a spreadsheet problem, not anything to do with Manager. Most spreadsheet applications have many options for formatting, pasting, etc. Remember that Manager outputs in CSV format, not Excel format.

Yes, in the spreadsheet.The formatting always gets jumbled.

I have shared a screenshot. Here you can see the positive and negative data. The issue is that the negative ones get formatted as general every time and cant be changed to numbers

Please explain where this data came from, i.e. where you clicked the copy to clipboard and pasted data into a spreadsheet from. Also which spreadsheet application do you use?

The answer to your problem is probably in this very long thread.

The solution will be late in the thread but it is probably worthwhile reading the whole thread.

In addition to @AJD the solution is in post 45 at Copy and paste - #45 by AJD

I copied it from bottom right corner of the ledger in,think thats the only way to copy. I pasted the data to MS-Excel

From which ledger account ? (Note Manager does not use the term ledger).

And did you use a blank, new, worksheet?

As I already aksed, cannot be changed where? How? Are you saying you cannot change the format of a cell in your spreadsheet? That’s a spreadsheet issue, not a Manager problem. You also have shown us only a portion of a spreadsheet. We do not know the actual contents of that cell, let alone its formatting.

You have an incompatibility number format in your spreadsheet compared to Manager.
Your large negative numbers exported (text in the clipboard) do not comply with your spreadsheet number format so are imported as text.

You can fix your format settings or convert the text to numbers in your spreadsheet.

However without answering the questions no one can help you further.

By the way, leaving the numbers as text works ok with batch update and is in fact safer as it involves no format conversations.

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I have tried fixing the format settings in spreadsheet(excel), doesnt work…The problem i am facing is simple,whenever I copy the numerical data and paste it into excel, the -ve numbers get formatted as general and cant be changed to numbers,therefore i cant apply any formula to the data and have to manually retype every -ve data

The solution was given in earlier post by Issue with copy to clipboard - #6 by AJD Just try the solution in post 45 at Copy and paste - #45 by AJD

You are wrong.
Details matter with programming.

-100 is ok
-23,456.01 is ok
-1,23,456.01 is not consistent with your excel number format.

I repeat, you have a number format incompatible.

Wrong again.
You can use one of the text processing functions in excel to convert text in a format you specifically to a number. If you look you will find function like =Value() or = NumberValue()

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