Issue and due dates on cloned transactions

I am trying to clone separate purchase invoices from the same supplier all made on the same day with the same due date, however the due date does not appear on the cloned invoice. I know that if I do not enter a due date that manager will default to the invoice date. Is cloning the due date (when entered) not a feature?

Apparently not.

I think it is usual to clone purchaser invoices to create invoices for different days from the original date so cloning the due date wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

You say you are cloning multiple invoices from the same day from a supplier - why do you have multiple invoices? surely it would make more sense to combine them into one invoice?

I have an open ended account with some suppliers that I pay eg on arranged date like 30 Aug as opposed to others suppliers with 14 or 30 day accounts. All payments by me due on that date. I have 6 suppliers. I pretty much purchase the same item(s) each week. For simplicity I select the supplier and clone the previous invoice and change the date. I anticipated the cloning feature would reproduce the due date as well. Not a big issue to enter it, but I wondered if it were a bug.

Only @lubos can tell us whether the lack of a due date when cloning an invoice (the same behavior happens with sales invoices) is intentional or accidental. I think you’ve been a member long enough that you may recall when due dates were optional. Now, of course, they are mandatory and Manager uses the issue date if one is not entered. Perhaps leaving out the due date was accidental when the change was implemented, but perhaps not.

I can, however, provide a valid reason the due date might deliberately be left out of a clone. Often, you will be cloning an invoice whose due date has already passed. Why carry over a date that immediately makes the invoice overdue?

This raises a related subject, though. Clones of some transactions carry over the issue date from the source. Others substitute the current date. If there is logic behind which do what, I cannot discern it.

It is intentional. I know cloning should imply the exact copy of the original but for practical reasons, date fields are not copied over since the expectations is to enter different date.

I agree with @lubos. This is a mistake prevention control