Is there Projects

Is it acceptable to us ‘Projects’ to record rental sales as a separate part of the main business, if so can I generate reports for this item?

Yes, but it’s probably more suitable to use divisions. You will also get better and improving reports.

Thanks Tut, but I think my question was lacking some info: what I want to do, is hire out some of my equipment and keep a record of expenses and income for a particular item.

@Acomec If you plan on hire out your equipment ongoing then I’m of the opinion that @Tut is correct in recommending Divisions as these will continue on ‘forever’ where as Projects are best used for short to medium term ‘one off’ events.

I believe you also need to consider whether a general accounting program is suitable for this purpose. Certainly Manager can handle the results of rental operations. But the day to day records for individual pieces of equipment might be handled better by dedicated software. This observation is similar to one often made that retail sales are easier to manage with point of sale software.