How do I Add/Track Departments?

Hi, I am self employed across several industries. What I would like to do is have 1 manager account where I can run reports and get totals (for filing and tax reporting) but still be able to see and run reports for each “department” so I can see how profitable they are and where peak expenses are etc.

Let’s say, purely for example, that I’m a plumber, electrician and mechanic all under the filing name PEM Company.

At the moment I have them all as separate Manager businesses, but this means when I have to file anything I need to go into each, log each category or item - ie mileage - and then manually add them all together.

I Google’d and found “Divisions” mentioned on the Manager website but I don’t see anywhere in Manager to set these up. I also looked at “Projects” in the COA, but again, I see no where to select these when entering income/expenses etc

Any ideas?


First read the guides Create and manage divisions | Manager and try to set them up. The when unclear about something search the forum on divisions. Only then when still needing answers follow the guidelines at FAQ - Manager Forum to know how best to get answers here.

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