Is it possible to use an api to link with Liveplan

I am considering a business management tool recommended by the Business Coach Consultant that I met up with today. I think he said it was called Liveplan. The software apparently can link with Xero and Quickbooks so that you can do cash forecasting etc.

Is this possible to do with Manager via an API or something or does Liveplan have to develop something their side to pull the data required from Manager?

Server and cloud editions come with API in json. However I don’t think that there’s any integration with Liveplan.

Yes I am aware that I will need to use Cloud or Server version. I am moving to the server version next year but I don’t really know how api’s work for things like Liveplan or whether its even possible.

API is accessible through the server URL /API
As I wrote the output is in json. You have to check how to import it in Liveplan. I once tried with Excel but I gave up.