Integration with Field Service Management software?

Has anyone looked into reaching out to Field Service Management software like Jobber, SmartService, mHelpDesk etc, to try to come to an agreement of integration? All these have quickbooks listed as their integrated accounting software. We are specifically moving away from quickbooks because of the need to have 3 separate accounts for our businesses. Is this something that would be feasible? What might be some necessary steps to achieve something like this?

You have to do you own integration through API, ie with JSON language.

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Awesome! As long as their is a way. I also thought it be good to start getting the name out there and having these other services take an interest in listing Manager as their partners/supported apps.

I will look into this API and JSON thing. Would it be beneficial to hire an expert to help code this integration thing, or could we set that up ourselves with resources from the forums and communication with the FSM company we decide to go with?

Can one do this with Liveplan as well. Liveplan integrates with Xero and QB so same sort of problem. Would be awesome to integrate with Manager with Liveplan as well.

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Everything can be done since the API let you create, update and delete everything inside manager. That said, apart a few lines of code, I’ve never seen someone succeed in doing it.

i personally succeeded through new API to read data inside a BI platform in order to elaborate numbers without exporting them each time.

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