Is it possible to exclude a Bank Account from the Cashflow Statement?

Hi everyone. Our company manages an escrow account, which is basically other people’s money, hence, a liability.

Is there a way to remove this bank account from the Cashflow Statement Report?

We currently have it in a control account under liabilities, which is perfect for the balance sheet.

Thanks in advance!

This is an accounting question and not really related to the operation of Manager, and you probably should seek advice from a qualified accountant.

If you have a separate bank account for the escrow funds this should be classified as an asset, but you should also have a corresponding trust account in liabilities. These two accounts will then offset each other in the balance sheet

There is already topic in ideas to allow other balance sheet accounts to show as cash on cash flow statement and I agree with that.

This is just the other way around. @AJD has a good point about escrow bank account having corresponding liability account.

My view is that escrow bank account and corresponding liability account should be categorized under the same line item on cash flow statement so if the balances match, then there would be no movement and escrow bank account would be essentially eliminated from cash flow statement altogether. I don’t think it would be correct to show escrow bank account balance within cash section and then corresponding liability account within financing operations. It just inflates cash flow statement figures and I don’t think it is in the spirit of cash flow statement.

In other words, transactions related to escrow should have no impact on cash flow statement.

So my conclusion is that you should be able to select custom cash flow statement group on bank accounts in case it’s not appropriate to show balance of this bank under under cash. Added to ideas.

Hello both and thanks for the replies.

@AJD, I agree with you but didn’t express correctly. The bank account is the asset and the counterpart is a liability.

@lubos, you got exactly what I meant. Being able to select the cash flow statement group at the bank account level would be perfect for these situations.

Have a good weekend!