Is desktop app data file encrypted or can it be password protected?


I’m exploring Manager desktop app, and I wanted to save the data file in cloud (e.g. Onedrive or Dropbox) to share across different computers. I do this way for other application only if the data is encrypted/password protected.

I just looked at the data file and found that it’s just a SQLite file. Is there any option to encrypt the data file? I can use an encrypted virtual disk, but I rather not have another step - mounting the volume each time I use it, unmount to make sure it’s sync’d properly with cloud storage…


You should use the protection features of the Cloud Storage. See for example Protect your OneDrive files in Personal Vault - Microsoft Support

Note also that in any case ALL files stored on Onedrive are encrypted but that as with most cloud storage solutions one needs to use very strong passwords, ideally 2FA, etc as recommended by the storage solutions.

Thanks for the tip!

Remember that storing your Manager business file on a cloud server such as Onedrive does not make it multi-user.

It is accessible from different computers but if you access it from more than one at the same time, you could easily cause errors if the different computers try to update the file as the desktop version does not manage this

Thanks for the reminder. The use case for me is: single user using multiple computers. I do this for other software.