iPhone App

I’m always on the move. I talk to my office on phone & get information on what we purchased & what we sold on almost daily basis.

I make products which are made from several items so it’s like a BOM inventory.
I want an iPhone app which does inventory in bom type but is easily operated on iPhone.

do we have an iPhone app or is there any plan for it ?

This question was answered on this forum quite a while ago at Mobile Edition?.

Oh ! Thanks.
So currently no hope. maybe in future we get lucky.

Server and Cloud edition can be accessed through a Web Browser on a smartphone (i.e. iphone) or on a tablet through the internet. Perhaps your company could use the server or cloud edition, so remote workers can accessed as well as the office?

Yeah ! I wouldn’t mind the cloud edition. I’m just trying to use the desktop edition to see if it has all the features that I need. once i’m satisfied, I would love to use the cloud edition for sure.