Issue regarding IP address

i redirected my ip address xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 to from
when i goto login page or create any transaction it just shows in the address bar, BUT

when i click on already uploaded attachment from any kind of transaction, in the browser it shows my complete IP address xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/view-attachment?Referrer=821f21a1-4c55-4fc4-aee3-b2a133bb6f61&FileID=59872dbd-f6fe-4e93-9907-873d034e172d&Key=6dd3e090-xxxxx

i dont want my employees to see complete IP address . How can i solve this problem?

First of all, revealing IP address of the server is not a security issue.

If you want your staff see domain name instead of IP address, you need to create proper A record in your DNS.

Also, have a look at refreshed guides for server edition

thank you for the information and i changed the title of this post:slight_smile: