Invoicing corporate customers

Need help as to how i can put this down in Manager.
I receive patients in my clinic from corporate companies (eg: Company A). Each time these patients come, they are subjected a co-payment for healthcare provided to them. Eg: if their bill is $100, i’ll invoice $50 to the patient and another invoice $50 to their corporate companies.

at the end of the month, i have 10 patients coming from the same Company A and i have already issued 10 invoices to Company A at different dates throughout the month. At the end of the month, it is time for me to get collection from Company A (for all the 10 patients i have seen), and Company A has requested an invoice from me.

Do i issue a new invoice to Company A? if i do, then what do i do with the 10 invoices i have issued earlier?
How do i indicate this king of transaction in Manager?

You should not do what you describe. Either invoice Company A 10 times for the portions of visits for 10 employees or invoice them all at once at the end of the month. Do not do both.

What happened to the 10 sales invoices you sent during the month? Did you send them to Company A? If so, you could generate a Customer Statement under Reports showing all the unpaid invoices.

Another way to do this is to start a sales invoice for Company A at the beginning of the month or when their first employee comes into the clinic. Then add a line item for every new patient visit. You can put a lot of information into the description field for the individual line items. You might put a summary description at the top of the sales invoice saying something like “Employee Co-Pay for February 2016 for Company A.” At the end of the month, adjust the invoice date and send out the total invoice.

Have you asked why the company has made this request, why hasn’t your 10 invoices been acceptable besides creating 10 times the data processing work for them. See if the monthly statement would be acceptable.

@tut’s suggestion of accumulating the invoice though out the month is an excellent work around. Also only one instead 10 postages, if that was occurring

Thanks @Tut and @Brucanna. The reason company A gave was " We want to make 1 payment rather than 10 payments".

I think I’ll follow @Tut’s suggestion from now on. Guess I have to cancel the 10 invoices i issued earlier and give them a new one.

Can’t they add 10 invoices into 1 payment - wonder if they treat all their suppliers this way.