Invoice numbering

I want my invoices to start at 3401 and go consecutive (so for instance my 50th should be 3450) Created prefix 340 works great until I get to 10 which I just did. That method wont work. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Don’t use invoice prefix functionality. Simply create an invoice and give it reference number 3401. The next invoice you create will have reference number 3402 and so on.

@lubos Does the same apply to Purchase invoices? It doesn’t seem to happen that way

No, reference numbers on purchase invoices are generated by your supplier so you should just enter the reference which your supplier assigned to it.

Thanks @lubos

Where do I find reference number on sales invoice? I tried to edit and create a new invoice did not see it. When I generated my first invoice I would have liked to start at 3401 no prefix

Never mind I figured it out thanks!

I really wish this could added to bank account reference numbers.

I did but, everytime i have to enter the invoice number manually. it automatically doesn’t continue forward with the invoice numbers.

@skindia, you are responding to a post that is more than 4 years and and totally obsolete. Read the following Guides:

The Guides should always be your first source of information.