Invoice interface

How can i change words,positions or add something n an invoice.
is there an extension or any other way??

please be more specific when posting questions on the forum.
what words? what positions?

There are several things you can do.

You can add custom fields:

You can add default content:

You can use custom themes:

If you want further information, provide more details about what you are trying to accomplish.

i want to change the “invoice” word on top with another word to “Account statement” for instance.

and i want add the compan’s Letterhead to the invoice on top when printin,so i want the letterhear to be on top of the invoice when printing then the invoice details.

and move the company info to the other side if possible.

PS: im using cloud version

If you want an account statement, why not issue a statement? See

If you want to change a title, see

If you want to move information, look at other built-in themes. I already gave you that link.

The questions you are asking suggest you don’t have programming skills yourself. If not, hire a local programmer to write a theme for you meeting your exact needs. This forum is not a coding educational site.