Invoice installments

Como proceder um parcelamento de fatura para 30, 60 e 90 dias?

You are asking how to make an invoice with three due dates for different amount, yes?

@Mauricio_Laurente, the forum is English only, please.

Thank u tut… For reminding the guidelines… It’s additional work copy their message and translate it to English to understand the problem


yes, in three future pays

@Mauricio_Laurente, Manager does not have the capability of dividing a sales invoice into multiple amounts due on multiple days. You have two choices:

  • In a custom field for notes, add information on payment due dates. In this situation, you should probably set the final due date as the due date on the sales invoice. Otherwise, the status of the sales invoice will be showing as overdue when it is not.
  • Create three separate sales invoices with different due dates. The reference numbers on these could be modified, such as 1234A, 1234B, and 1234C. Even if you are using automatic numbering, the next invoice will be 1235.
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