Invoice Due Date 20th of month following


I have had a good look around and can’t seem to find a topic which has already covered it, but I would like to set the due date to default to the 20th of the month following the issue date which is common credit terms here in NZ.

This would something that would be useful on purchase invoices as well as most of credit accounts operate on the same terms.

Thanks for your help!

You cannot. Your choices are to set a specific date or a number of days after the issue date.

Ok. Thanks for the prompt reply!

I did just wonder if there was a bit of tricky code we can place in the due date field in the form defaults page. but I guess that the field already has other logic happening which means that doesn’t work…

Interesting program though and I like the effort that is put in to keep simple and logical…not always easy.

Yes this would be a nice feature, because as you say this is a very common practice here in NZ, so much so that most of my clients ignore the due date altogether and pay on the 20th. Manually setting the due date to the 20th of the next month on every invoice is very open to human error.