Vat amount more with 2cents on my sales invoice

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kindly assist with resolving the issue of vat amount being more with 2cents on some of my invoices.

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Please post a screen image of the esit screen of the sales invoice in question

Manager calculates VAT amounts line by line, not on the invoice total so this can give rise to small rounding differences. But calculating it line by line is the correct way to do it

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There is no error - if you calculate the VAT on each line and total it, you will find it comes to 15,215.31 exactly

I can’t show that because you did not show the total invoice, nor indeed, the edit screen, which is far more useful for diagnostic purposes than the view screen

But if you take the total amount before tax and calculate tax its gives you 15 215.29.


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Where is the problem - the sum of the VAT amounts is correct

Total VAT @ 15%
1987.14 298.07
3882.48 582.37
27902.34 4185.35
600.00 90.00
23117.50 3467.63
2791.48 418.72
2997.64 449.65
600.00 90.00
600.00 90.00
23417.50 3512.63
5418.90 812.84
6993.30 1049.00
1127.00 169.05
Sum of VAT 15215.31

Did you compare it with a calculation in a spreadsheet?
Be sure to use, per line, the round-function in the spreadsheet.
for example: [=round(a1,2)]

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The picture you send doesn’t tell us if you did use the round-function.
It only shows us figures which have two decimals.
Moreover, there is no calculation of the VAT in this picture.
So, can you provide more info? For instance, the calculation of the VAT amount in this excel sheet.

I calculated the VAT as 15% of the amount and then rounded to 2 decimal places

Not quite sure what more you would like to see - try it yourself. It doesn’t take long to enter 13 figures into Excel and calculate the VAT

Next time please search the forum before starting a new topic as most questions are already answered. Yours has been recently answered (again) in this post.

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These two posts summarize your problem:

More specifically, if we compare your method with the calculations provided by @Joe91, we get this:

Total VAT @ 15%
Not rounded
VAT @ 15%
1987.14 298.071 298.07 0.001
3882.48 582.372 582.37 0.002
27902.34 4185.351 4185.35 0.001
600.00 90.00 90.00 -
23117.50 3467.625 3467.63 -0.005
2791.48 418.722 418.72 0.002
2997.64 449.646 449.65 -0.004
600.00 90.00 90.00 -
600.00 90.00 90.00 -
23417.50 3512.625 3512.63 -0.005
5418.90 812.835 812.84 -0.005
6993.30 1048.995 1049.00 -0.005
1127.00 169.05 169.05 -
-------------- -------------- --------------
Sum of VAT 15215.292 15215.31 -0.018
Sum of VAT rounded 15215.29 15215.31 -0.02

The 2 cent difference is basically the difference between rounding off each line or rounding off the total.

Rounding off each line gives the correct totals from an accounting point of view.

One thing to remember is that each line appearing in the invoice of manager is a General Ledger line, which means that it has to be based on the currency settings. In your case this means that it has to be rounded to 2 decimals.

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