Inventory Write Off by Counting Remaining Items

As a restaurant owner, I find it almost impossible to link my inventory to the sales, especially that customers frequently ask for customized dishes.

Using the Inventory write-offs feature is great but considering the number of items in my inventory, it is impractical to count every couple of kilos or grams consumed on daily basis.

Alternatively, I think it would be amazing if I can have a table in which I can see the whole list of items, put the actual amount of remaining items in my physical inventory, and the system writes off the difference.

By that, I would manage to monthly make a quick scan to my inventory and note whatever amounts are available to know exactly how much I consumed during that month.

Is there a feature that currently does that? Or a new one needs to be developed?

maybe your workflow is wrong.
the inventory items are consumed by making production orders for each dish. they are not written off every time after consumption.
inventory write-off is available to make the physical stock match the accounted stock during a year-end stock taking or such.
read the guides section regarding production orders.

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You might also reconsider whether to use Manager’s inventory management features at all, since you do not sell most of your inventory items directly. By that, I mean you do not sell eggs, or pepper, or fish. You sell the completed dishes. And these items do not remain in stock for long. Accordingly, there is a lot of accounting work to record purchase, receipt, and use of inventory items via production orders to produce a single serving of something that is consumed immediately.

Handling food items as inventory is not wrong, but very tedious. Perhaps you could consider your raw materials only as consumable supplies. You would account for them when purchased and use some other method (such as visual inspection) to determine what quantity is left and when to order more. Consider a carpenter who buys nails in a carton. He does not try to account for every nail hammered into every piece of wood. When the carton is nearly empty, he buys another

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Food vendors don’t have menus for no reason. You can create a menu from which customers can order. You could then create a bill of material for each menu item with Inventory Kit and expect Manager to consume inventory for every sale of a dish.
Even with that there will have to be an inventory adjustment entries after every inventory count because of the nature of the materials. But at least you would be practicing good accounting.

This will however require a lot of work in the costing of dishes.

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