Inventory with formulae sales price

I work in a field where we have a number of calculations based on the following:
Fixed price plus a price per Kg, "fixed amount+(quantity * unit price)"
If a quantity is below a value a fixed fee otherwise calculated value "if value less than amount, fee else calculate rate * unit price)

216 Kg @ 0.20 + Fixed amount 75.00 =75.00 +(216 * 0.20)
150 Kg @ 0.10 < 50.00 =if( 0.10 * 150 < 50.00. 50.00, 0.10 * 150)

Would it be possible to add calculated inventory formulae to the charges. Otherwise we are doing manual calculations where these facts are concerned. formulae above based on MS Excel

Manager currently does not allow any user-specified calculations within fields. So your choice is to override the automatically produced unit price or a add a separate line item with the fixed charge.

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