Add weight to invoice

I’m working as sales manager at second hand clothes sorting factory.
We are currently using a Microsoft Access application to edit invoices, customers, orders etc.

Our clothes are sold in 25, 45 and 110 kilogram bags. And prices are indicated in €/kg.
I would like to enter weight for each SKU. For example SKU 1001 = 25 kg., SKU 1002 = 45 kg.
When editing invoice or order i would like to enter quantity in bags, and weight should automatically appear in next column. Is that possible?

Currently you will need to specify unit name (kg) in description field or use custom HTML template for invoice where you can inject unit name into HTML code. See: Guides | Manager

In future, Manager will support units natively.

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This last link is dead.
I have the same problem. I need to have my Inventory added by the fields of Weight per Unit, HSS CODE, Country of Origin.
When I create a sales Invoice I need the Subtotal weight per item. At the End of the Sales Invoice I need the Total Weight and the Summary of the weights and the Value per HSS Code.

But today I would be happy just to have a function that the Manager is calculation the Subtotal weight per line and the total weight at the end of the Sales Invoice.


any custom field created for the inventory items will be automatically shown as a column in the invoice.
for example, if you create a custom field for inventory items called HSS code and create or edit an inventory item with an HSS code, this will be shown as a column when that particular inventory item is selected on the invoice.

total weight is not practical when most business sell inventory items of different UOM on a single invoice.
i am not sure why you need a report-like sales invoice unless it is required by law in your country.

This is how we require this and we work like this since moreover 10 years. So it could not be too wrong, isn’t it?

if you have a law in your country mentioning these as mandatory, please provide an official government link so that the developer can verify and if possible implement them.

if its just a user requirement you can create and use custom theme to achieve this.

there are always some workaround methods to most problems.

Is it possible to calculate a customs field?
Example: I am using a Customs Field in Inventory named “Weight per Unit in kg”

When I create a sales invoice I select the item out of my inventory list and put in the QTY

The Subtoal Value will be automatically calculated. Also the Total sum.

Is there any possibility to do the with the weight, too?

Custom fields only contain information. They cannot perform calculations.