Inventory summary report with custom fields


Can you tell me how can I get inventory summary report with tracking code or type(custom fields)?

I created it with custom report but it is showing me all transactions but not summary.

It is showing as transaction wise.
I want closing units

You cannot get a custom report with closing balances. That information is not in the general ledger transactions table. As you see, when grouping, you get totals for the transactions that fit the criteria of the query, not information about the inventory item’s subsidiary ledger account.

It is not clear exactly what you want, however. You asked originally about tracking codes. But your custom report did not include them. No custom report will show anything you do not select.

If you are interested in closing balances for inventory items, the Inventory Quantity Summary or Inventory Quantity by Location reports both provide those. One way to separate those by tracking code would be to assign inventory locations that correspond to tracking codes. (This presumes you have the ability to separate your management of identical inventory items by tracking code. This is easy if they are in separate locations, but not so easy if you store them together and just want to know how much you bought for one project or division compared to another. For that, you might want to create duplicate inventory items.)

I want this report or closing qty report but filter it by finish or raw material.
So that we can see only closing raw material qty when we want to see.

The easiest way to see that might be to add a custom field to inventory items, designating them as raw material or finished goods. Then, you could sort the Inventory Items tab list by that column. Export if you need to.

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