Create inventory opening and closing balance report from custom report

I want to create an inventory opening and closing report from custom report with different presentation . Any advices please?

Go to Reports and look for the report “Inventory Value Summary” You can then export the report and do what you want with it. If you need more help, you have to explain what you mean by “Different Presentation”

I ve created custom fields in inventory item, i have to sort inventory report on that custom field.

If there is any possibility of creating custom report same like “Inventory Value Summary ”. Or

Is there any possibility we can modify the report “Inventory Value Summary ” sort by custom field.

You could easily do this in a spreadsheet by combining information from the Inventory Value Summary land the Inventory Items tab list. Use the tab list information (assuming your custom field is set up to show as a column) to add a column to the Inventory Value Summary. Then sort according to that column.