Inventory stock


we are in a wholesale business, There is an issue I found in Manager or may be in my understanding that if inventory is not available it will be sold and that number of qty will be in Back order.

Can we remove back order and inventory will not be sale if it is not available?

which edition you are using ; one way it is good you do not loose a sale and back order will fill the Qty provided its a forward delivery date,

@ Lubo can reply in technical if to put a condition to stop the sale if qty is 0.

if is multi user environment, it should have the locking on qty on concurrent transaction.
good if some one explain how is this handled when 2 users invoicing on an item and the first user consumed the full qty, then how is dealt for the 2nd user.

The qty sold which exceeds the available qty will be put into back order but the sale of that back order qty amount doesn’t occur until new inventory has been purchased. You can’t sell what you don’t have.

If it is a cash sales and you have made an invoice to cash customer of the inventory which you don’t have it.
Invoice will be sent, print and pdf even if some item is not available.

Firstly, cash sales can’t / don’t create Invoices, they can only create receipts.
Secondly, if you have taken cash for an inventory you don’t have then it is a payment (deposit) taken for a future sale, it can’t be an actual sale.

Can we just stop back order feature and make invoices or receipts of only available items?