Inventory out of stock alert

In sales Invoice, when I enter inventory stock item is 0, doesn’t alert out of stock. Please kindly help me solve this problems.

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Why is this a problem? There are many businesses who sell inventory they don’t have on hand because they order it from their supplier only after a sale is made.

No the Sales Invoice Item is for Sales Item that are not inventory for example I would charge for website design services under the Sales Invoice Item.

Like @lubos said, I use the inventory and order from the supplier after the sale is made. Inventory is much better than sales invoice item for this because I can put the purchase price and sales price linked to the same item and it also helps me to remember to invoice a client because I can go through the inventory and see if I have any stock that needs to be delivered and invoiced.

Having said that, having an out of stock alert for people like yourself who buy goods which you may sell weeks/months later would make sense. The out of stock alert option would need to be enabled. I would suggest that Manager have an alert function that could be used to alert to a number of things that people could select such as out of inventory or payment due on supplier or VAT return due and other general notifications

I also want you to enable this alert. But admin/ manager should have option to ignore this pop up.