Inventory returns thst are damaged

At my company, we recieve products from salesmen that are returned as damages. The customer only pays for the goods recieved in good condition. How do i post these damages so that my stock reduces by the number of damages. We produce consumer goods.

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In those cases, you should use Debit Notes Credit Notes. See the following guides for more information:

I think you should use a zero-quantity credit note, not a debit note. The inventory count was already reduced by the sales invoice. You just need to reduce the amount of money your customers owe. This is covered by the Guide on credit notes.

A debit note would mean the customer owes you for damaged goods.

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That’s right @Tut. I edited my earlier post and updated the link to the guides.

Thank you. I did use credit note and and my inventory was balancing.
Thanks for the support.