Sale return (inventory)

How can I enter sales return of inventory items?

A sales return by a customer can be entered as a Credit Note and it will minus the sales invoice and add the returned items back into inventory.

tony thanks a lot for kind reply actually problem is that when we issue as a credit note it increases my purchase
suppose i have purchased 300 packs in year 2014 and one party return me 11 packs when i enter 11 packs as credit note my purchase increases from 300 to 311. dear return should decrease sale and increase inventory and it should not increase purchase in Inventory Quantity Movement

Wait a second, are you trying to record returns from your customers or your returns to supplier?

From customers

I was able to reproduce this issue. Basically credit notes were increasing purchases instead of offsetting sales on “Inventory Quantity Movement” report.

This has been now fixed in the latest version (15.0.25)

thanks lubos the problem has been solved

Hi I was trying to do a very similar thing so decided to bump this topic instead of creating a new one. I wanted to accepted sales return from a customer and take goods back into my inventory. If I do this as a credit note, should I choose (SALE OF INVENTORY ITEMS) in the account option so that it gets credited back to my inventory?

Yes, you need to use Sale of inventory items account… you can’t choose Inventory on hand account anyway in credit note context.