Inventory questions

I hope someone can assist, I am new to this software. I have added 9 inventory items, with their starting balance, VAT code etc. I have also run a batch update, however only one item reflects Ave cost and Total cost, the other items do not? how can i fix this?

the cost of an inventory items is displayed when there has been purchase and sales related to that inventory item.

Thank you for the response - @sharpdrivetek, however all my items in my inventory list has had sales

what about purchase?

We produce the stock here at our premises, it is rather difficult to link a cost to material to produce the stock, it is all done in bulk?

i think your workflow is wrong. if you are producing materials you should have both raw materials and finished products listed under inventory items. you purchase the raw materials and then issue a production order to produce the finished item from the raw materials.

I understand that, however why is one item correct and the others not?
It was loaded exactly the same?

i think you should provide screenshots of the inventory list and the inventory items for better understanding.

Okay I have the screenshot, how do I paste it in this thread?

make use of the various buttons available above the area where you are typing. use the upload option among those items to upload a screenshot.

OKay so this is just the col, that one item has ave cost and total but the others dont, will add the items now.

can you show me the Edit screen of your first inventory item?

Also, please understand that the average cost is calculated from the purchase invoices. So if you do not make purchase for the inventory items, Manager cannot calculate the average cost.

the missing information of inventory itens can be from:

missing purchase invoices
already sold in sales invoices

looks like you have manually entered the average cost for this item and the same is showing in the inventory items list.

Yes I see this mistake, will fix this asap.

so now you know why just the one inventory item was showing the average cost.

Like i said before, Manager will automatically calculate the average cost every inventory item based on the purchase invoices.

I see @Eu_Mesmo, even if i increase the opening balance of the stock, it still only reflects in one item?